Character set

Big5 GB2312+GB12345

Professor Shi Long Ming
Designer: Professor Shi Long Ming

Professor Shi Long Ming who styled himself as "ShiAn” and “YunKang” was retired from University of Taipei. He taught Chinese literature, poems and calligraphy.

Design Concept
Designed for the era

As the progress of technology, fonts are used on computers more than ever. But the fonts we see are always coming from engraving printing or fixed hand-written typefaces. They are neat and consistent, but lack of vivid aesthetics of hand-written calligraphy. AR DC YKXingKai was born to show the beauty of calligraphy as a digital typeface.

OTF setup

OpenType format could be used in all Adobe software
support functions:

  • pwid
  • hwid
  • vert
  • vrt2
  • salt feature

*OTF is recommended for designers to have multi effects of fonts.

*TTC is recommended for who uses Microsoft office to edit.

Font samples