Embedded fonts--iFont®

Arphic’s embedded font solution provides best reading experience according to customers’ products and system environment.


Infinity Font®

In response to the trend of responsive design,  Infinity Font® is able to produce infinite shapes of fonts for reading in difference distances, resolution, background or ambient light on different mobile devices. Fonts could be changed in different weights or widths in real time for better reading experience.

Features of Infinity Font®

Font data volume is only 3% of original TrueType data. And it's also smaller than the OpenType font file of Variable font.


Mobile Font®

Main functions

  1. Supporting scalable fonts of multi-scripts
  2. Font cache enables faster font rendering
  3. iHint fine tune module improves the quality of font drawing
  4. Providing attributes such as outline, italic, bold, 3D and rotation…


Control panels, display of car navigation, wearable devices, printers, digital TVs….


Layout Engine

Layout Engine could handle layout of complex scripts such as Arabic, Indic and Thai. It supports over 70 scripts.

  1. Supporting layout of over 70 complex scripts and bi-directional text layout
  2. Providing flexible layout and text rotation
  3. Supporting OpenGL ES, OpenVG, and the development of Unity3D

Key features

1. Supporting Bi-directional text layout of multiscripts and complex scripts.

*Supporting Scripts

2. Supporting font rotation of TrueType and Mobile Font format. It could be adopted on the maps used for navigation.


TrueType Font

Suitable for the features of smart phones, DTVs, tablets, ereaders, car navigations and digital signage. Fonts are clear and legible, and good for the reading or printing on mid or high resolution screens.


Compact font

Arphic RTT(radical TrueType) is developed with radical based technology to lower the font data volume.

Data volume of KaiTi and HeiTi GB18030 is smaller than 2.5MB.


Compact Font Library

Arphic Compact Font Library

  1. Reduce TTF data volume 90% at most.
  2. Lower the consumption and waiting time when download.

Cross-platform support

  1. Compact Font Library are developed with C and C++ , supporting Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows platforms.
  2. Providing font expanding kit for main game development platforms (Unity, Cocos). It only takes a simple setup for developers to show fonts which match the scenes of the game and release to supported mobile, desktop or WebGL platforms.


  1. Supporting multi-scripts including Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and complex scripts.
  2. Supporting different sizes of bitmap fonts.
  3. Bitmap fonts are fine tuned by designers and are legible even in small sizes.
  4. Suitable for LED display panels, low resolution screens or low battery consumption wearable devices.