Character set

Big5 GB2312+GB12345

About AR DC
(Banana Man)

A cute and silly typeface with the weight bold, it's suitable for using on any materials to show pleasant and kindness.
There are 13,961 characters in total with simplified and traditional Chinese(GB2312/ GB12345), Latin(ASCII) and Japanese Kana.

Banana Man

Birthday: August 7th
Signature phrase: Give me a hug
Hate: Monkeys
Banana Man is from a planet 10,000 light years away from the Earth. The stem on its head could transfer laughter into power.

Design of TTC

TTC fonts: adjust the best reading distance according to the structure of the typeface.

  • AR DC XiangJiaoRen F_B: Providing fixed pitch Chinese characters, full-width symbols and proportional Latin glyphs(ASCII).
  • AR DC XiangJiaoRen B: Adjusting the space of symbols to make characters and symbols match better.