Character set


Cai Qi Qing

Big5 (GB2312-8 is under developing)

Designer:Cai Qi Qing

Bachelor degree: Department of Industrial Design, Tatung University

Master degree:
College of Liberal Arts, Purdue University Associate professor of ChungYu University, department of visual communication design Supervisor of Taiwan Graphic Design Association Supervisor of Chinese corporate image development association Consultant of Tsai Design Studio

Design concept

There are too many typeface with unique styles but not good for reading. Typefaces that are easy to read and common used are HeiTi,  it's necessary to increase common used typefaces.

The letter sizes of Chinese characters are always made larger, when the default character spacing is set up as 0, everything will look to tight without space. The concept is to design a new typeface that is easy to recognize, easy to ready, simple, gentle and more flexible. Letter size is properly made smaller to keep the space, and the height is made lower to make the characters more square.