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Infinity Font

Responsive fonts could be shown differently according to resolution of screens or surroundings.


Mobile Font

1. iHint font fine-adjustment module. 2. Special effects and random rotation of fonts. 3. High-speed font display module.

  • iHint font fine tune module
  • Attributes and rotation
  • High speed font rendering module

Layout Engine

Supports the complex text layout (CTL) of complex scripts (e.g. Naskh, Sanskrit, Thai script, etc.) of over 70 languages.

  • Supports the CTL and bidirectional text processing of multiple complex scripts
  • Supports multiple font families and weights
  • Provides highly flexible layout functions

TrueType Font

Developed specifically for embedded system panels, such as smartphones, DTVs, tablets, e-readers, car navigation, and digital signage with sharp image and beautiful appearance. Suitable for reading on LCD panels with medium-high resolutions.



  • Supports multi language
  • Offers various font sizes

Android and Qt

Arphic offers font solution for diverse product categories of Android and Qt platforms.